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Clean and Simple 

When you use Sea Water Cooler Cleaner, you protect our nature and contribute. We can not do everything, but if we all contribute a little, it will ultimately make a big difference.

Sea Water Cooler Cleaner Cleans all types of surfaces that have been in contact with seawater. Especially when there are heat exchangers that use seawater as a cooling medium (seawater-bearing on one side, also called seawater side). When seawater is used as a coolant, it will give salt deposits. This will significantly reduce the cooling effect on these heat exchangers (coolers). A reduced cooling effect has a major direct impact on the engine life, not least on the engine exhaust parameters. With an optimal heat exchange (in the coolers), the engine will function optimally over a longer period, and the other parameters will last longer. The company is run in accordance with the UN's sustainability goals

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just green
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"Take care of nature

- use Sea Water Cooler Cleaner"

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